G43 / K43 Gewehr 43 Stock With Handguard
This stock and handguard is for a G/K43 type rifle. It is a tan colored, solid wood stock, It is not original. An excellent reproduction of German G43 stock, very beautiful and well made. Fits perfect on my G43 rifle. Action is not included . THIS IS A HIGH QUALITY REPRODUCTION COPIED FROM AN ORIGINAL.
USD 200,- A001
K98 Mauser ZF41Sniper Scope Base German zf 41 WW2
This is a high quality reproduction of a rare German WWII zf41 adapter base. Item has original blueing. Fits precisely to a K98 Rifle. The scope mount slid onto the base and locked into position perfectly.
Usd 239,-A002
German Gewehr G43 / K43 Stock With Handguard
This auction is for the pictured stock and handguard is for a G43 type rifle, but it also fit to K43 action. Solid beech wood stock, It is not original. This stock is in mint condition with no cracks or scratches.Parts are not for sale. THIS IS A HIGH QUALITY REPRODUCTION COPIED FROM AN ORIGINAL.
Usd 280,-A003
WW2 German MP40 Muzzle Front Cover MP 40 Mp38
Here we have a nice set of 3 vintage WW2 German MP 40 backelite front muzzle caps. Caps are in very good condition. These are an original World War 2 German MP40 / MP38 muzzle caps and not a reproductions. Every buyer will get a K98 cap as a free gift to each set.
Usd 15,-A004
Nice German WW2 Army Skull Belt Buckle
German Army steel skull belt bucke. The buckle is in well condition. Front Side shows a death skull. Used by waffen-ss elite units.
Usd 90,-A005

WW2 German Stg44 MP44 Bolt 's Assembly WaA4 MINT
Available are an original WW2 German STG44 MP44 MP 44 BOLT 's ASSEMBLY. No extractors or firing pins. All markings avaliable, mint condition. Price is 210 for each. JUST ARRIVED !!!

Usd 210,-A006
German T.Mi 35 Fuze For AT Mine 1939
An original German 1939 dated brass pressure and pull fuse T.Mi.Z.35 for T.Mi.35 anti-tank mine. Very Beautiful Cond.
Usd 35,-A007
German WW2 Sappers Training Mine "Riegelmine"
This is relic ww2 German sappers pyrotechnic charge / mine also known as a Riegelmine. Mine has the full set of igniters, it's nicely marked with manufacturer logo, waffenamt and dated 1940. Item was dug out in Poland. Here's the chance to get 100% orginal and rare such a nice set.
Original 1941 German WWII 32 round MP38 magazine in very good condition. Fully marked with waffenamts proofs. This was the first model of magazine for German submachine gun MP38. This one is very similar to MP40 model but the difference is in shape of metal. Mp40 has corrugated shape.Comlplete , strong spring
WW2 German Waffen-SS 2 Fall Jag Bat 500 ID Dog Tag.
EXTRA rare WW2 original Elite troops - Waffen-SS Paratrooper Dog Tag, Tag is in very good condition. Some tarnishing and light surface corrosion from being in a ground over 57+ years. Made of Zinc. Came from Poland region .Authenticity guarantee.
Usd 250,-A010
WWII German Pony Fur Back Pack 1943
Original WWII German army pony fur combat backpack or 'Tornister' from my private collection. Complete with all straps , very good condition. Maker mark 'BLA / 1943'. Backpack comes with shoulder straps, no hair is missing. I personally guarantee that this item is 100% original 1943 German army issue!
Eur 115,-A011
German WWII Mause K98k Grenade Launcher
This is an example of a German Grenade Launcher which was install at the end of a K98 rifle barrel! 100% original German item. It was found of a battlefield near "olsztyn". Condition is V.G., items was sprayed on black. all pats are working.
WW2 German G41 Bolt Housing Cover fits G 41 G43
This is an origina German WW2, good condition milled steel top G41 action cover or bolt. housing .  Made for the G 41, but will fit and work in a G43. Made of milled steel , good shape no marking visible. Guaranteed Original.
On Hold A013
1943 German Bakelite LARD/BUTTER Container
An original German WWII lard/butter container/dish used by German soldiers .This item is made of black bakelite, no cracks and chips , overall very very good condition. Every German soldier would carried one of these in his breadbag. The container is stamped with producer code and dated 1943.