Acceptable on transactions over $200 ... usually for international ...
Contact me via email for transfer routing info.
Remember postal insurance does not cover cash so send at your own risk - registered mail is recommended. The money will arrive in 5/10 days and We'll send your order.
Go to the nearest location worldwide, pay in cash any currency, then e-mail me the MTCN number, Your full name, amount expected and I pick it up at my local W.U office and ship immediately the same day.

If you are paying by an international money order, bidpay, Certified Bank Checks or other checks, please include a $7 surcharge which is required and will be charged by our bank to cash all the international checks. You can also use the secure sites from: to the e-mail address :
(please note that paypal is not free for the reciver so please add 4% to a whole amount).


- Payment should be done in US $ or Euro
- Before sending a money contact with Us to select most convinient method of payment

To place an order - please provide us in mail:
- Your Full Name
- Full Shipping Address (Where you like the order shipped to)
- Item(s) # ID and description title
- Method of payment...see above for your options
- correct e-mail

How to contact us:
Tel From USA 011-48-600282350

Money orders and services for online auctions


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